Myles from Mars Hill in Greece

By Myles and Katharine Weiss

Thirty-six pilgrims joined Katharine and Myles for the first leg of the 30th Anniversary Tour.  As we began walking in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Athens, Myles delivered a solid reminder of Rabbi Saul’s Hebrew origins and his masterful ability to “become all things to all men.”

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One Response to Myles from Mars Hill in Greece

  1. lester peoples says:

    So many times I enjoyed Zola in presenting the beautiful pictures of Israel along with his message/music when I resided in Kansas, but have moved from the land of ‘Oz’ to the land of ‘Ayr’ in Scotland. The gospel is badly needed here’ as is the rest of the world who are rejecting Jesus and Christianity. I as a gentile with a Jewish heart, am trying to educate myself in the holy feasts which I feel will be continued after Jesus the Messiah returns to rule and reign in Jerusalem. Those days draw shorter each week that passes as we see prophecy fulfilled. Bless the Ministry as God Provides. -les

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