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For Such A Time As This!

For Such a Time As This! As the season of Purim approaches, I am gripped by the intensity of events in the Middle East.  The story of Mordecai, Esther and Haman is one of the seminal illustrations of God’s commitment … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Three Days and Three Nights Prediction Explained (Matthew 12:40)

Have you ever been reading the Bible and encountered what seemingly was a contradiction? For instance have you ever wondered about Jesus’ prediction in Matthew 12:40? Since the Lord was crucified on Friday and rose again on Sunday, how can … Continue reading

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Selective Sisterhood

After twenty-five years of marriage, I can honestly agree with the old rumor “Jews make the best husbands.” At least my Jew—Myles—has been a wonderful friend, father, and follower of Yeshua. Every Shabbat (Sabbath), he praises me as a Proverbs … Continue reading

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Does Media Bias Exist Today?

These days, it’s important to stay informed of current events both here and around the world. However, with the often slanted reporting by our nation’s left-leaning media, how can you trust that what is being reported is actually the truth? … Continue reading

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