A Kiss from Adonai in the Desert

A kiss from our Lord on the Judean desert.

A visible kiss from our Lord on the Judean desert.

In the midst of Jerusalem’s latest, very challenging strife, we are filming a new television series on the life of Jacob’s son Joseph. The thrust of the series is the mystery of “Mashiach Ben Josef” in relation to ” Mashiach Ben David”–the Suffering One who is also the reigning King.

We are blessed beyond measure to have just led 96 pilgrims through the Promised Land. The testimonies of the pilgrims were outstanding: to a person, they had life-changing experiences. I am very impressed by the spiritual character of our TV viewers and travel companions. We get the sweetest people with us on tour — so flexible, resilient, and God-oriented.

After we parted from them, we began this challenging video shoot. Because of Jerusalem’s unrest, we have not been able to stay with our schedule and are juggling times and locations.

Still, our faithful God released a kiss from Heaven (see the picture) as we taught on the edge of the Judean desert.

Please pray for us as we fulfill the mandate to remove the “Egyptian identity” of Jesus and reveal Him as the Messiah of my Jewish people AND the Savior sent for everyone the world over.

God bless you all — Myles and Katharine

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One Response to A Kiss from Adonai in the Desert

  1. Lucy Luusah-Mutuku says:

    Special greetings to you Myles and Catherine I always watch you as you present your programme and teach me alot of things I did not know before.
    You also bless me alot with all the teachings.
    Please I would like to donate to a need either your ministry work or a need there tell me how I send the donation
    Then is it possible I get the News letters? You can post them to me?
    Be blessed.
    Yours in great Christ’s Love.
    Lucy (Nairobi-KENYA….East Africa)

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