A synchronized Good Friday points us to the Hebrew roots
of salvation as pictured in Passover.
May the God of Israel bless you and your house
during this season
with a fresh revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach!

With Love, Myles and Katharine
Myles & Katharine

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  1. Geneva York says:

    Greetings in Yeshua! I love your program! I have been to Israel 2 times and love everything you do on your show. I feel a need to tell you of a book, The Last Days of Jesus by Shimone Gibson. He has been on your show. I was disappointed to see by this book that he is a cynic and not a true believer at all. Sad that the Word is so clear, yet he does not accept the Bible as true. I am praying for him. .. Several years ago we met Zola in Pensacola. A precious Godly man. I thank God for you. Myles and Katherine for carrying on in such an excellent manner. Maranatha! Geneva York. from Alabama

  2. Bill Norris says:

    Miles & Katharine: A very special Thank you for your booklet: “An Epic Love Story”. I knew in my heart what you described concerning Jews & Gentiles was true, but comments and information available from the media missed the mark completely, because they were based on speculation only. I hope your work meets the mark you are aiming for. It has given me comfort and reassurance, and others, I’m certain, as well.

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