Hamas Falls Prey To Its Own Booby Traps; Israel Tears Down Tunnels In Gaza | Watch

From: YouTube – Hindustan Times

Israel is all set to begin its mega-operation against Hamas’ biggest shield amid war. Israeli Army engineers are beginning a wide-scale operation to destroy Hamas tunnels in areas of the Gaza Strip that have come under the IDF’s control. Israel is using various types of robots and explosive devices to destroy tunnels. The IDF said they are detonating booby traps installed by Hamas and killing terrorists.

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3 Responses to Hamas Falls Prey To Its Own Booby Traps; Israel Tears Down Tunnels In Gaza | Watch

  1. Janet Norberg Eppley says:

    Praise the Lord! My husband and I are praying for Israel. God will have the victory. I was also wondering……My great great grandmother was Jewish. She married into the Butler family. 1900’s Taught my grandfather Jewish ways. Its amazing my mother did not teach me. They were ashamed. But I just found this out not to long ago.
    Years ago I watched Zola Levitt on tv. The Lord lead me to watch the Jewish wedding show and saw how it represented the rapture. I fell in love with Israel. At about age 60 my mother told me about her. Sent me a picture. Apparently I have it on both sides of my family. You should see that. I want to do a ancestry search. But costs alot. What would you recommend?

    • Andrea Davis says:

      What a wonderful testimony you have, Janet! Indeed, Praise the Lord! Amen, God WILL have the victory. (Rev. 11:15) As far as genealogy research, I have a few recommendations that are actually free of charge. Sites like Ancestry.com and others may be a bit easier to navigate, but they also have a monthly subscription fee for their services. Here are a few sites you can use as jumping off points. As with all searches of this nature, you’ll find the more detailed information you have to begin with, the easier it will be to narrow down your search. 1) familysearch.org – I put in the surname NORBERG with no other data and received 261,830 results. Yikes! You can narrow this number down by entering first name, location, birth year, etc. 2) Library of Congress; loc.gov – Entering surname NORBERG brought up 8,225 results, and 7,827 results when selecting the [available online] filter. Again, this search can be narrowed down by adding more information if you have it. 3) National Archives; archives.gov – Can be a bit difficult to navigate (for me at least :)) due to small print and single spacing, but, yeah, it’s free. ha I believe these sites will give you a good starting point. Undoubtedly you’ll gain access to other sites through the three I’ve supplied. I do have a warning for you, be careful – genealogy diving is addicting!! 🙂 Blessings to you in your endeavors. May you find what you seek and MORE. In His service, Andrea P.S. Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime. My direct email is andrea@bergproductions.com. Be well!

  2. Judy Tetu says:

    I’m glad IDF is back to fighting. Was upset with the hostage/prisoner swap: 1 Israeli to 3 Gazans & dragging the war out. Should be 1 for 1. Then there’s how horribly Israeli hostages are treated. Should Israel treat Gazan/Palestinian prisoneers the same? We know inhumane treatment is bad no matter who does it. Someone shared how a leader of Hamas was operated on by Israeli doctors. But the mother(?) when asked if she would harm Jews, the answer was yes. Gazans use Jews for the charity & caring, expertise, but will kill them given the chance. Have to say maybe some might have a change of heart toward Jews but many Jews were killed in Kabutz by Gazan citizens they had helped. We need Jesus. Evil is fully unleashed.

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