Myles from Mars Hill in Greece

By Myles and Katharine Weiss

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Thirty-six pilgrims joined Katharine and Myles for the first leg of the 30th Anniversary Tour.  As we began walking in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Athens, Myles delivered a solid reminder of Rabbi Saul’s Hebrew origins and his masterful ability to “become all things to all men.”

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2 Responses to Myles from Mars Hill in Greece

  1. lester peoples says:

    So many times I enjoyed Zola in presenting the beautiful pictures of Israel along with his message/music when I resided in Kansas, but have moved from the land of ‘Oz’ to the land of ‘Ayr’ in Scotland. The gospel is badly needed here’ as is the rest of the world who are rejecting Jesus and Christianity. I as a gentile with a Jewish heart, am trying to educate myself in the holy feasts which I feel will be continued after Jesus the Messiah returns to rule and reign in Jerusalem. Those days draw shorter each week that passes as we see prophecy fulfilled. Bless the Ministry as God Provides. -les

  2. Michael Falsia says:

    Just wondering why is Paul being referred to as a Rabbi? When he was at thee Mars Hill he certainly did not present himself as a Rabbi but more as a Greek as he addressed Greeks not Jews? In fact he never alludes to the scriptures but talks to them on their own philosophical terms? There are Two Offices established in the Greek NT. Elder and Pastor or Overseer not Rabbi? Even at Jerusalem when they have the council to determine the place and standing of the gentiles they are called Elders or Presbytery? Not some messianic Sanhedrin who act alone but under the authority of Apostles and approved by the whole assembly gathered at Jerusalem? James speaks up not as an Apostle but as a mere believer who happens to have great wisdom and understanding. At best he was a teacher and probably had that in mind when he wrote in his letter and advised caution for those seeking to be teachers? The word teacher is not Rabbi? I wonder if this is done for the sake of winning Jews to the Faith or because they actually believe that there is biblical warrant for an Office among Messianic Jews bearing the tittle Rabbi? There is no reason why those who are called to the Office of Episcopos or Overseer who are to shepherd the flock as Peter says, even if it is a Jewish assembly, should not use the proper designation as given by Him who is Head of the Assembly? This emphasis on Jewishness is too much? Too extreme? I can see retaining the Jewishness of the Faith in may respects but it seems to me that this is being taken a little too far? I understand that the term Rabbi means my teacher and is a also a term of endearment and respect but you can identify yourself as a Pastor too if that is what you are? The concept of a shepherd is far more biblical than Rabbi. There is no need to shun a divinely appointed Office? At any rate it is a great series! Well worth the time.

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