At the Ahava factory by the Dead Sea

Katharine at AhavaIn this picture, Katharine is a living witness standing in front of a unique sculpture made from minerals of the Dead Sea.

My wife conducted a fantastic interview with an Ahava representative, and then we took our camera on a small tour of the factory. Katharine and I actually use Ahava skincare products, which are world renown and of a high quality. A side benefit of using Ahava products is the financial boon to both Israel’s economy and the kibbutz on which the factory is situated and where the employees reside.

Look at that face … designed by God and enhanced by Dead Sea minerals!

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5 Responses to At the Ahava factory by the Dead Sea

  1. Lois Warren says:

    Yes Myles Katharine is a beautiful woman you are a blessed man!! I still remember our special time in your home, so many years back!! Glad God is using you both in such a dynamic ministry!! We loved our 3 months in 2012 when God called us to live in ISRAEL, after God gave Mike such a healing miracle (Cancer stage 4 )we were blessed to share that & my testimony all over ISRAEL !! We hope for that opportunity again!! We long for it!! For now we send our blessings on to you two & our Love!!
    SHALOM, Lois & Mike Warren

  2. Alice D. Merkel says:

    After changing my address on your site (concerned that I’m not always getting your newsletter since moving last June), then reading your blog & about your visit to the Dead Sea & the Ahava skin care products manufactured there, I wondered (wondered earlier as well) if there is a list somewhere of products exported from Israel to the US. Unfortunately, I am almost 82 years old & not knowledgeable about how to do such things but I wish there was a website campaign (such as Reverse BDS) promoting Israeli products. Wouldn’t there be millions who would enthusiastically support such a campaign? Could someone you know attend to that?
    Thank you,
    Alice D. Merkel

  3. Peter Andrews says:

    I live in South Africa and want to know if Ahava skin care products are available here and where

  4. Sue Blake says:

    I love the Weiss’s and their teachings and what they show and I love Jeffery Seif.

    Any way you can combine them. They would support each other……

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