ZLM-endorsed Israeli Benevolence Funds

Below are descriptions of Zola’s favorite benevolences, which we continue to support.

  • To the Jew First Fund — Our ambassadors to Israel share the Gospel primarily with Jewish Israelis, and also reach for the Arabs. The fund covers expenses including airfare, meals, transportation, and other essentials.
  • Good News Fund — This is a general benevolence fund that meets needs for fellow ministerial organizations as they arise. For example, it has subsidized the dental and vision care of a local charity that runs a homeless shelter.
  • Lone Soldier — Soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces are paid next to nothing and typically rely on their parents for financial help, housing, food, and laundry facilities on the weekends. “Lone soldiers” are generally Jewish men and women who have made aliyah to Israel by themselves and have no family members in Israel. This fund helps these Israeli soldiers with basics like food and clothing throughout the year.
  • Jewish National Fund — Contributions to this cause sponsor tree planting in Israel. Each tree costs only $10. You can request a personalized certificate to reflect your donation.
  • Bridges for Peace — This Jerusalem-based, Christian organization inspires Christians and Jews to work side by side for better relations and a more secure Israel. For more information about this organization, see https://www.bridgesforpeace.com.
  • The Temple Mount Fund — This fund supports archaeological works that continue to demonstrate how science verifies the reality of the Scriptures.
  • Aliyah Return Center — Jewish people from around the world are being welcomed to their ancestral homeland and many need a temporary place to stay. An abandoned boarding school in the Galilee is being renovated by this organization, led by Chaim Malespin. For more information about this center, see https://www.aliyahreturncenter.com.
  • Hebrew4Christians — This fund assists John Parsons, author of our monthly Levitt Letter Hebrew Lesson and Zola’s Introduction to Hebrew book. The father of three young sons, John needs support while coping with chronic health concerns. Please visit and support his stellar, user-friendly website www.hebrew4christians.com.

You can contribute to our general fund while designating gifts to the worthy causes listed above on our donations page.

Also, send for our free pamphlet “28 Ways You Can Help Israel” or see the online version at www.levitt.com/essays/help-israel.

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Current episode, 11/15/2023, on Our Jewish Roots:

Dateline Jerusalem: The Coming Temple – Future of Worship

Exploring God’s Plan For Israel: The Eternal City and Beyond

Ever wondered why Jerusalem, the ‘Eternal City’, holds such a profound place in God’s plan for Israel? Or how temple worship has shaped the nation’s identity and spiritual life from its inception?

The history of Israel is not just about dates and events. It’s a tale that intertwines faith, prophecy, hope, and anticipation – all pointing toward an end goal where God permanently dwells among His people.

In this journey through time, we’ll explore the allure of Jerusalem to millions over millennia. We’ll dive into ancient prophecies about the destruction and anticipated rebuilding of the Temple. We’ll walk on hallowed grounds like Mount Olives, which echo with resurrection hopes.

By exploring these fascinating facets together, you’re set to gain deeper insights into Jewish theology – one marked by immanence, a belief in God dwelling amongst us.

The Significance of Jerusalem in God’s Plan

Jerusalem, often dubbed the Eternal City, has been a centerpiece in God’s plan for Israel. This city carries historical and spiritual significance that transcends time.

The Spiritual Allure of Jerusalem

For thousands of years, Jerusalem has magnetized religious pilgrims worldwide. Its appeal stems from its rich history and spiritual aura, which seem to permeate every stone.

This allure was amplified with the birth of modern Israel as a nation-state. The re-establishment fortified the city’s role as a symbol for people seeking connection with their faith.

Jerusalem at the Ragged Edge of Time

Jews have long anticipated something remarkable happening in this eternal city during end times. Rooted deep within Jewish tradition is an expectation that all eyes will be on Jerusalem when God decides to unveil His grand finale.

The Emergence of Israel and Temple Worship

In the early days of Israel, temple worship was an integral component of their national identity. The nation-state of Israel emerged alongside the establishment of temple worship, giving rise to a unique blend of faith and culture.

The Role of Temple Worship in Ancient Israel

Temples in antiquity weren’t just places of worship but also spots for socializing. This gave them an influential role in shaping society. But they had a deeper spiritual significance, too.

The people believed that these sacred spaces housed divine presence, making them central to their relationship with God. Their practices went beyond ritualistic observance—they reflected a heartfelt desire to connect with the divine.

This has made temple worship pivotal in defining Israel’s national identity and spiritual life—a testament to its enduring impact on Jewish heritage even today.

The Destruction and Anticipated Rebuilding of the Temple

Imagine a city torn asunder 2000 years ago, its grandest edifice—the temple—leveled to the ground. This wasn’t just any prediction; it was a prophecy from Jesus himself.

Ezekiel’s Prophecy on Temple Rebuilding

This destruction isn’t where our story ends, though. For centuries, Jewish folks have been holding onto an anticipation – a longing for restoration that goes beyond bricks and mortar. It’s about God’s presence returning in an extraordinary way. Ezekiel’s vision spoke volumes of this hope – he foresaw not just rebuilding but also rejuvenation.

The intriguing part is that Ezekiel didn’t stop at mere architectural details; his prophecies echoed promises of divine proximity—an unbroken communion between God and His people right there in Jerusalem.

Ancient ruins transformed into symbols of hope? That’s bold. But we’re talking about faith here—and when you start to consider these ancient predictions alongside today’s Israel…well, let’s just say things get interesting.

The Mount of Olives and Resurrection Hope

Why do Jews choose to be buried at the Mount of Olives? The answer lies in a deeply held belief about resurrection.

The Jewish Belief in Resurrection

Judaism has long embraced the concept of resurrection. This isn’t just any rebirth but a spiritual one tied closely to God’s plan for Israel.

This cemetery on the slopes of Jerusalem is no ordinary burial ground. Instead, it represents an enduring hope – an anticipation that transcends time and death itself.

You see, within Jewish tradition, there’s this understanding that when Messiah returns, those interred here will rise first because they’re closest to Temple Mount – where divine events are prophesied to occur. So every soul resting here waits with bated breath for their ultimate call from beyond.

The Mount of Olives Cemetery, as it stands today in Jerusalem, serves as both a testament and promise—a reflection not only of past generations but also of future hopes rooted firmly in God’s covenant with His people.

God’s Permanent Dwelling among His People

The concept of God making a permanent home among his people is deeply ingrained in Jewish theology. It brings to mind the image of Shekinah, a term that denotes God’s divine presence.

The Immanence of God in Jewish Theology

In the spiritual landscape, this idea is not just symbolic but carries significant implications. Many Jews believe it signifies an era where peace and justice will prevail, as foreseen by prophets like Isaiah.

This prophecy speaks volumes about Israel’s role within this framework. According to scripture, Jerusalem serves as the hub for divine activity, a place where heaven intersects with earth.

This idea goes beyond suggesting just a close bond between humans and their Creator. It paints the picture of an intimate relationship, almost like sharing a home together. It’s something we’ve never seen before but holds such beautiful hope.


Exploring God’s plan for Israel isn’t just a history lesson. It’s an immersion into a faith journey marked by prophecy, hope, and anticipation.

You’ve seen the allure of Jerusalem – its timeless appeal to millions over centuries. You’ve discovered how temple worship has shaped Israel’s identity from the start.

We discussed prophecies about the Temple’s destruction and rebuilding – monumental events echoing in Jewish theology today. We visited Mount Olives, where resurrection hopes find physical form.

Final takeaway – This narrative leads us to understand God’s immanence – His promise of dwelling permanently among His people according to Jewish belief. And that sums up our exploration of this fascinating topic!

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Hamas Falls Prey To Its Own Booby Traps; Israel Tears Down Tunnels In Gaza | Watch

From: YouTube – Hindustan Times

Israel is all set to begin its mega-operation against Hamas’ biggest shield amid war. Israeli Army engineers are beginning a wide-scale operation to destroy Hamas tunnels in areas of the Gaza Strip that have come under the IDF’s control. Israel is using various types of robots and explosive devices to destroy tunnels. The IDF said they are detonating booby traps installed by Hamas and killing terrorists.

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Another update from Sarah Liberman

Sarah answers questions sent to her after her last update.

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Sarah Liberman is OK!

She posted a video:

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War in Israel from a Boots-on-the-Ground, Behind-the-Scenes Perspective

Our production crew was in Jerusalem, Israel, Saturday, October 7, when the terrorist group Hamas began their brutal, coordinated, surprise attack against Israel in the middle of the night, setting off a war that continues to escalate.

Our Jewish Roots’ teachers, Joshua and Caleb Colson, provided video updates as often as they could. From their hotel roof, to bomb shelters, and on the streets, they presented truth from the Land regarding the war from a Biblical perspective. They have now returned home safely but their social media videos on this war have garnered over 1 million views and 7,500 comments.

Please join our channels on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which contain up-to-date content posted regularly. If you are not connected to this wealth of information, you are truly missing out! People all over the world are hungry for spiritual, Biblical truth, and not what is being fed to the masses by secular media.

Below are the links to our social media sites:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ourjewishroots
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OurJewishRoots
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ourjewishroots/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/OurJewishRoots

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November 2020 — Our Jewish Roots Production Update

In the face of difficult circumstances, it is easy to get discouraged or diverted from your goal. However, sometimes the only choice is to continue moving forward. (“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” — Joshua 1:9)

Because of scheduling limitations, the Our Jewish Roots filming crew locked in a full week of field production at Capernaum Village, located outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Usually the last week of October is mild in Texas, but not always. Wouldn’t you know… an arctic front decided to come through the area, bringing with it highs in the 30s, a strong north wind, and rain.

We needed two full days to complete our dramatic re-enactments inside a small structure that had no insulation, no water, no power… yeah, basically just a shack. Here is what it looks like on the outside.

Capernaum Village, outside

But the interior appearance was a perfect setting for our Colonial-era dramas. Thanks to the artistic vision of our director, Kenneth Berg, great preparation from our actors, a talented crew, two propane heaters, and, of course, the indwelling Holy Spirit, we accomplished our task! (“With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” — Matthew 19:26)

The post-production process begins now, getting everything ready for the series to debut in late winter or early spring 2021. Please watch for this enlightening series that we hope will inspire your faith. As we are thankful for the Lord’s divine deliverance, we also thank you for your financial support.

Capernaum Village, inside

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July 2020 — Our Jewish Roots Production Update

The show must go on? Writing this in the middle of July 2020, it is easy to conclude that caution is a prudent response during a surge in Coronavirus cases. It would be reckless for any organization (including ministries) to coerce employees or volunteers to do something out of their comfort zone. When the original pandemic lockdown order came in March, we made very sure that everyone was comfortable with the safety protocols we adopted. If anyone hesitated, we were willing to change our plans and procedures to accommodate their concerns.

With this in mind, when scheduling the Harts’ trip into Dallas for our next studio session, we wondered if they’d be okay with air travel, which could increase their exposure to the virus. Kirsten and David responded positively and without hesitation: They were ready and willing to fly in from Branson, Missouri to record the studio segments. We have come to expect such cooperation from them. (Praise the Lord for that!) We offered an alternative — driving as they had done in the past — but they insisted on a preference for flying. We proceeded as planned.

Still, what if another, more-severe lock down happened? How could “the show go on?”

We are currently in the process of installing a system of computer, lights, microphones, and support equipment in the Harts’ home. With this setup, they can record interviews using the Zoom video conferencing app. You, the viewer, will be able to watch these interviews, not on our television program but on our social media outlets. Keep an eye out for these virtual conversations. If you are not connected with Our Jewish Roots on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, you are missing out on a lot of interesting and educational content.

Even though the quality of Zoom is sufficient for social media, it is unfortunately not high enough resolution for our television broadcast stations and networks. You might have seen late night talk shows or news programs on your local stations that appear to be a Zoom meeting. Don’t be fooled! The networks are using equipment that is specially designed to meet technical broadcast specifications. This technology is constantly evolving, and OJR will continue to look into it. We pray that we will never need it.

Meanwhile, we are making prudent decisions to safeguard everyone’s health while keeping the production wheels at Our Jewish Roots spinning! Please join us in praying that the Lord will protect us all from the virus and guide us into new ways of sharing the Good News of Yeshua!

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June 2020 — Our Jewish Roots Production Update

The photo above was taken in May when we came together (but not too closely) to record the studio segments for our new series, Revelation: Unveiling the Visions,currently airing on Our Jewish Roots. We acted responsibly by practicing “social distancing” whenever we could; and when we couldn’t, we wore face masks, used hand sanitizer, and washed our hands often. When you watch the new series, you will notice added space between the Harts and Dr. Seif on the set.

Do you feel awkward not shaking a hand or giving a hug to people you know well and care about? The “elbow bump” is a poor substitute. David, Kirsten, and Jeff appear to enjoy working together … and they do. Actually, everyone on the Berg Productions crew works together well. We are thankful for that, and it is one of the reasons that we always begin each studio day in prayer. We know whence our strength comes (Psalm 121:2).

Several people — never or rarely seen — work behind the scenes to make an episode of Our Jewish Roots. We rent studio space in Haltom City, Texas, and hire a professional “gaffer,” Bob Truax. (A gaffer makes necessary adjustments and finely tunes the lighting.) We have a longtime relationship with a professional makeup artist (Belin Parks) who gets and keeps David, Kirsten, and Jeff looking good in front of the camera. Three camera operators (Caleb Colson, Bill Elliott, and Ken Waller), all of whom work out of our Berg Productions office, cover every angle. Office manager and social media coordinator Andrea Davis keeps track of scripts and timings. Producer Clayton Herring (that’s me) keeps things moving and helps director Kenneth Berg, who actively orchestrates the camera angles and remains the driving force behind the television program, just as he was in Zola’s day.

Absent from the studio for only three months since filming Kings and Kingdoms, we returned to a surprise. It may have been the COVID quarantine or even the new grandson, but you will soon see for yourself … Kirsten changed her hair color from dark brown to golden blonde! What doesn’t change: our commitment to producing our weekly television program and expanding our reach and exposure on the Internet.

Revelation: Unveiling the Visions is the first time this ministry has walked chapter by chapter through the Book of Revelation with all of its many ups and downs. While we know that things end well, we are thankful that the Lord has protected everyone affiliated with this ministry. We pray for your protection too, knowing that one day we will see our Messiah return to rule and reign. “Come quickly, Lord Jesus!” (Rev. 22:20).

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May 2020 — Our Jewish Roots Production Update

Presenting the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith is this ministry’s driving force and has been since 1979. In addition to that, we emphasize Israel and Bible prophecy, particularly how Israel figures in Bible prophecy.

News reports continue to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, not only for Americans but for people worldwide. These reports dwell on our circumstances and tend to breed a sense of fear and helplessness.

How appropriate, then, that ZLM is currently producing a new television series, “Revelation: Unveiling the Visions,” that reminds viewers that God is still in control and that pandemics don’t surprise Him. All the prophecies revealed to John on the island of Patmos either came true or are about to sooner than many suppose.

How fast should societies return to the way we lived before COVID-19 hit? Politicians and medical experts argue this dilemma and scapegoat each other.

Our television production crew was fortunate (PTL) in being able to film all of Dr. Jeffrey Seif’s Revelation teachings a week before sheltering in place began. We wondered if the situation would improve enough for us to film the studio segments in an actual studio and not remotely via cell phones. We optimistically set a date for late May, and God looks to be making it work!

Aside from social distancing and wearing face masks, we’re taking other precautionary measures. In pre-COVID days, we would fill a table with water bottles, nuts, sweet and salty snacks, and the like. In the business, this is called “craft services,” a term that originated in the motion picture industry. Crew members who provide “crafts” such as costumes, makeup, lighting, camera, etc. customarily receive snacks (“services”) provided by an outside company. Just so you know, a caterer provides a full, usually hot, meal, whereas “craft services” are just munchies set out for the crew.

Since Our Jewish Roots, involves the fewest number of workers possible, our “craft services” table is small. I should say was small, because having one small table where everyone walks by and grabs some nuts out of a dish, or some peanut butter pretzels (Dr. Seif’s favorite!) from a plastic jug would not be safe now! So we decided to take a cue from the airlines and provide each person with their own “goody bag” of snacks.

Even though the coronavirus is still among us and may resurge with a vengeance, we production crew are not deterred from bringing you the Bible’s Good News. The visions that God showed John on Patmos in the first century demonstrate that God has a masterplan and that ultimate victory awaits those of us who are His.

All of us a Berg Productions hope that you are counted as one of His, and we encourage you to continue watching our program and all the other social media we post on the Internet (Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter). Also, please make sure that those close to you hear the Good News of Messiah. They need to exchange their fears for faith in the One who has created everything!

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