“The Judas Goat” with Joshua & Caleb Colson

Airing now on Our Jewish Roots


Using the Fort Worth Stockyards as a backdrop, Joshua and Caleb compare a method using a goat to move sheep through a slaughterhouse to things that could lead unsuspecting believers astray.

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One Response to “The Judas Goat” with Joshua & Caleb Colson

  1. Jimmy D Barksdale says:

    I have had your link on Roku for the past 2 to 3 years and have enjoyed many of the messages. Today I watched the “Judas Goat”. What a great message for these days we are facing in not only our country but countries around the world . I live in Kenosha Kentucky however I was born in Ft Worth and found out somethings that I didn’t know. Enjoyed it so much, the message was right on and timely.

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