Presidential Politics and Prophetic Positioning


By Myles Weiss  

As the nominees put forth their ideas on the stage of American presidential politics, I am listening for God. Is there a sound coming from either that reflects ANYTHING of the heart of God, His values, His way of administering life. I believe I am hearing an undercurrent, a sound of something that reminds me of His character.

It is hard to hear because the candidates are on their best behavior, putting forth their most well-honed platitudes and focus-tested “facts.” Both are charming and schooled and as I try to set aside my leanings and cautions, I think one sounds more … presidential.

Of course I am looking forward to the foreign policy debate because of my vital interest in America’s relationship with Israel. Israel is not only the “canary in the coal mine” for the Middle East and any hope of sanity and civilization in that troubled region. It is the “canary” for determining America’s place in the prophetic future of planet Earth! If we do not adjust our approach to the nations and governments in that area, we will lose out with God, as has every country that has opposed Israel throughout history. Genesis 12:1–3 is the standard, and those who bless and curse the children of Abraham will receive God’s fulfilled promise.

I pray daily for our government. On the day that President Obama was elected, at dawn I sat in a Scottish guest house in Jerusalem. As my traveling charges slept peacefully, the Arab kitchen man and I watched America’s election returns. He joyfully exclaimed “Hussein Obama, Hussein Obama. My friend, this is good for my country, Palestine, and good for America!”

I was quiet.

I had no confidence in John McCain, but I worried about our country’s choice.

But a still, small voice seemed to remind me, “Pray for your new president, that he might grow in office, like Harry Truman.”

I did.

For several years, I exhorted congregations and groups where I spoke to pray FOR our president.

Now America has another choice to make.

Can a presidential election make a difference?

I am not sure.

We all need to vote—either for continuation or the possibility of a change.

Even with a new president, this country will have to dig out from the consequences of past legislative choices.

Again, I will be in Israel when America makes its choice.

Genesis comes to mind. I pray that America chooses to be on God’s side as the Day of the Lord approaches.

We are truly living in “interesting” times.

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  1. Bob Boynton says:

    Here we are five years later as Israel grows stronger and America grows weaker. Is God a man that he can lie? I think not

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