“Roadmap to Armageddon: Bonus Interviews” with Joshua & Caleb Colson

Airing now on Our Jewish Roots


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One Response to “Roadmap to Armageddon: Bonus Interviews” with Joshua & Caleb Colson

  1. Mrs. G. W. Garrett says:

    Thank you to Zola Levitt ministries for introducing me to the Bearded Bible Brothers and Roadmap to Armageddon. I am so grateful to hear a Jewish perspective from believers. I so enjoyed the travel to Israel, as I have visited many sights the Bearded Bible Bros. did. I understood the scary Temple Mount as our small group was terrorized by men who criticized our dress and shawls were carried in ladies purses for just a complaint. We rebelled the tyranny by praying in pairs silently around the whole of the buildings and platform/courtyard there. I can NEVER forget Oct. 7th, 2023 – gruesome beyond words, and my only Granddaughter’s birthday. Thanks to all involved for this timely Roadmap to Armageddon, telling any who will listen. Mrs G.

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