One face of Esther

Katharin from Jerusalem

One face of Esther praying from Jerusalem as Bibi stands for Israel in the U.S. Congress

We are living in momentous times as God is raising Esther from among the nations to recognize her Hebrew roots and stand for His people and His purposes.

God WILL deliver Israel.  Will you be a part of His-story?
The response of congress bodes well for the US.
It is up to us to pray it through to victory!

Myles aka Mordecai (given name).

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U.S. launch of FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries)

Shalom ZLM community from Myles and Katharine!

In a few weeks we will attend an important Israel Summit in Colorado. This meeting will mark the U.S. launch of FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries).

FIRM’s clarion call began this past Chanukah in Jerusalem and represents a dream come true for Jewish Believers and the international Church (Ephesians 2:14).

Katharine and I have been invited to serve on the Board of FIRM, along with Jack Hayford, Jonathan Bernis, Wayne Hilsden, Sandra Teplinsky, Paul Wilbur, Sammy Rodriguez, and Eitan Shishkoff among other leaders in the Messianic movement. FIRM intends to call on Christians around the world to stand with, pray for, and support the BELIEVERS in Israel.

For Katharine and me, this association of leaders in the Body fulfills our lifelong mission of Genesis 12:1-3 AND Galatians 6:10: that we support the Jewish people, ESPECIALLY those of the household of faith.

Without a doubt, ZOLA LEVITT MINISTRIES has been a forerunner in this Kingdom endeavor.  Katharine and I want to thank our viewers, readers, and friends for loving what God loves! Please continue to help us, through your prayers and gifts of funds, to expand our broadcast and web presence as the Day of the Lord draws near! Let’s work while it is day! (John 9:4)

Blessings on your house in the new (Gregorian) year…

m and k

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From the Gallicantu pit

In the pit of the Church of Gallicantu

In the pit of the Church of Gallicantu


A poignant and unusually private moment with Katharine and me in the pit at the Church of “Gallicantu” (crowing rooster).  This place is considered a likely site of Caiaphas’ house and prison where Yeshua was kept after His arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, and where Peter denied the Lord. We have been here before with streaming tourists crowding the space and vying for the pulpit. On the pulpit is a book with Psalm 88 written in dozens of languages. Pilgrims come here from all over the world to recite the age-old psalm that heralds the cost for Yeshua to be separated from His Father on the cross to come.

We read it (you will hear it in our series on Joseph) and prayed as the anointed words echoed in the empty pit. What a glorious and compassionate Messiah! What a testimony of restoration in the life of Shimon Kefar (Simon Peter).  What hope for you and me because of God’s mercy..

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Early morning at the Garden Tomb

Myles and Katharine, Early morning at the Garden Tomb

Here you see two very tired but very inspired hosts. We are so grateful to be able to bring people to the Land.

Early morning at the Garden Tomb, before opening its doors to the hundreds of international pilgrims who find solace here.  The guides make a strong case for this being the likely site of Yeshua’s tomb. We do know that the site is not as important as the event… the tomb is empty! He is risen and that means hope to all. He is the Messiah of the Jewish people and the Savior of the world. Son of God AND greater son of David…
We hosted 96 pilgrims here last week and our communion service ended the tour. The anointing of the Lord was powerful and made for a perfect day. We began at the Holocaust Museum (Yad VaShem) experiencing the depths of human depravity and closed the day with worship and communion here in the garden. One young man rededicated his life to the Lord.  Another man was baptized for the first time. Israel awakens the deepest longing and points to the One who satisfies that longing in our hearts.

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A Kiss from Adonai in the Desert

A kiss from our Lord on the Judean desert.

A visible kiss from our Lord on the Judean desert.

In the midst of Jerusalem’s latest, very challenging strife, we are filming a new television series on the life of Jacob’s son Joseph. The thrust of the series is the mystery of “Mashiach Ben Josef” in relation to ” Mashiach Ben David”–the Suffering One who is also the reigning King.

We are blessed beyond measure to have just led 96 pilgrims through the Promised Land. The testimonies of the pilgrims were outstanding: to a person, they had life-changing experiences. I am very impressed by the spiritual character of our TV viewers and travel companions. We get the sweetest people with us on tour — so flexible, resilient, and God-oriented.

After we parted from them, we began this challenging video shoot. Because of Jerusalem’s unrest, we have not been able to stay with our schedule and are juggling times and locations.

Still, our faithful God released a kiss from Heaven (see the picture) as we taught on the edge of the Judean desert.

Please pray for us as we fulfill the mandate to remove the “Egyptian identity” of Jesus and reveal Him as the Messiah of my Jewish people AND the Savior sent for everyone the world over.

God bless you all — Myles and Katharine

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Updated the TV show set

Our new TV show studio set for Zola Levitt Presents is continually being updated and improved.  Here’s a shot from our new series, “Jerusalem: Ancient Gates, Future Glory,” which begins broadcast in the week starting October 5, 2014.

New Zola Levitt Presents set

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Israel’s Ministry of Tourism Thanks Zola Tours

By Myles Weiss

Mrs. Zaken delivers thanks from Israel's Ministry of Tourism

Mrs. Zaken delivers thanks from Israel’s Ministry of Tourism

At the farewell dinner of our our 30th anniversary tour, Mrs. Ahuva Zaken delivered thanks and blessings on behalf of the Knesset Ministry of Tourism!

We gratefully accepted their gift of signed plaques of gratitude. We also received a beautiful menorah from our land company, Immanuel Tours, and a huge poster of our pilgrims.

They are on display at ZLM’s Dallas, Texas, headquarters.


Myles with Ahuva Zaken as she presents certificate to Zola Tours

Myles with Ahuva Zaken as she presents certificate to Zola Tours


Rosemary Schindler with engraved menorah

Rosemary Schindler with engraved menorah


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Myles from Mars Hill in Greece

By Myles and Katharine Weiss

Thirty-six pilgrims joined Katharine and Myles for the first leg of the 30th Anniversary Tour.  As we began walking in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Athens, Myles delivered a solid reminder of Rabbi Saul’s Hebrew origins and his masterful ability to “become all things to all men.”

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The Promise

By Myles Weiss

Immanuel Tours CEO Phillip Meyers

Immanuel Tours CEO Phillip Meyers with Myles Weiss

I interviewed the CEO of Immanuel Tours, our Israel tour land management company, Phillip Meyers. What a story!

He was part of a Hebrew Christian family and was saved from the Holocaust at eight years of age. Raised in England by a Messianic group, he came to Israel to raise his family in faith. Now, he helps host thousands of pilgrims in their life-changing trips to Zion. We are privileged to work with him and his team. We just celebrated Zola Tours’ 30th anniversary of tours to the Holy Land — an outstanding  experience!


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With Tommy Waller, modern sign and wonder

By Myles Weiss

In Samaria -- the heartland of Israel

Myles and Tommy Waller in Samaria — the heartland of Israel

Tommy brings his 11 children and 4 grandchildren to plant and harvest grapes alongside Modern Orthodox Jews. Both Jews and Christians recognize the prophetic sign from Joel 2, Amos 9, Ezekiel 36, and Isaiah 49 as the gentiles shoulder the burden of the Jewish return to the Promised Land!

Hundreds come to help each year.

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