U.S. launch of FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries)

Shalom ZLM community from Myles and Katharine!

In a few weeks we will attend an important Israel Summit in Colorado. This meeting will mark the U.S. launch of FIRM (Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries).

FIRM’s clarion call began this past Chanukah in Jerusalem and represents a dream come true for Jewish Believers and the international Church (Ephesians 2:14).

Katharine and I have been invited to serve on the Board of FIRM, along with Jack Hayford, Jonathan Bernis, Wayne Hilsden, Sandra Teplinsky, Paul Wilbur, Sammy Rodriguez, and Eitan Shishkoff among other leaders in the Messianic movement. FIRM intends to call on Christians around the world to stand with, pray for, and support the BELIEVERS in Israel.

For Katharine and me, this association of leaders in the Body fulfills our lifelong mission of Genesis 12:1-3 AND Galatians 6:10: that we support the Jewish people, ESPECIALLY those of the household of faith.

Without a doubt, ZOLA LEVITT MINISTRIES has been a forerunner in this Kingdom endeavor.  Katharine and I want to thank our viewers, readers, and friends for loving what God loves! Please continue to help us, through your prayers and gifts of funds, to expand our broadcast and web presence as the Day of the Lord draws near! Let’s work while it is day! (John 9:4)

Blessings on your house in the new (Gregorian) year…

m and k

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