From the Gallicantu pit

In the pit of the Church of Gallicantu

In the pit of the Church of Gallicantu


A poignant and unusually private moment with Katharine and me in the pit at the Church of “Gallicantu” (crowing rooster).  This place is considered a likely site of Caiaphas’ house and prison where Yeshua was kept after His arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, and where Peter denied the Lord. We have been here before with streaming tourists crowding the space and vying for the pulpit. On the pulpit is a book with Psalm 88 written in dozens of languages. Pilgrims come here from all over the world to recite the age-old psalm that heralds the cost for Yeshua to be separated from His Father on the cross to come.

We read it (you will hear it in our series on Joseph) and prayed as the anointed words echoed in the empty pit. What a glorious and compassionate Messiah! What a testimony of restoration in the life of Shimon Kefar (Simon Peter).  What hope for you and me because of God’s mercy..

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