A synchronized Good Friday points us to the Hebrew roots
of salvation as pictured in Passover.
May the God of Israel bless you and your house
during this season
with a fresh revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach!

With Love, Myles and Katharine
Myles & Katharine

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  1. Billie Pogue says:

    This is not in regards to anything you have posted, but is in regards to how you are emphasizing the Lord. Please understand that when you mention the Lord’s name it is very important to express His name, which as you know is Jesus. Refusing to say His name, especially on television, will confuse a younger audience and anyone else that DOES NOT know Him. No matter where you are televising, using older names from Hebrew or the Old Testament, WILL CAUSE CONFUSION for those that are not familiar with the Jewish language or even with understanding the Lord. He was given that name, “JESUS”, for great reasons. God is not the god of confusion, please do not leave that name “JESUS” out of your broadcasting. He is the Messiah and thy Holy King. I can not stress enough of how important you leave CONFUSION out of the picture and leave no room for it. Please do this for ANY AUDIENCE viewing you. Not all people are familiar with the language you are using when watching your broad castings. The name “JESUS” is for ALL PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, don’t leave it out. It is the name that unites all hearts and souls together in this world thru Him. Thy Holy Father gave Him that name for that very great reason. Language has divided many nations for years, therefore bringing confusion with it. Be clear. 7/31/2016

    • ZLM Editor says:

      Our webmaster once explained very clearly the way in which “Yeshua” morphed into “Jesus”: “‘Jesus’ is a transliteration of ‘Yeshua’ from Hebrew to Greek (and possibly through Latin) to English, done when the Bible was translated. Greek male names all end in ‘S,’ so that’s how Yeshua got the ‘S’ at the end of ‘Jesus.'”
      So, you see, the Son of God received the name Yeshua at birth. His name became Westernized during Bible translations. Zola Levitt Ministries makes an effort to indicate that the names “Yeshua” and “Jesus” are interchangeable and refer to the same Person: the LORD incarnate.
      I hope you’ll help spread the news that in any language, His name is holy.

  2. Geneva York says:

    Greetings in Yeshua! I love your program! I have been to Israel 2 times and love everything you do on your show. I feel a need to tell you of a book, The Last Days of Jesus by Shimone Gibson. He has been on your show. I was disappointed to see by this book that he is a cynic and not a true believer at all. Sad that the Word is so clear, yet he does not accept the Bible as true. I am praying for him. .. Several years ago we met Zola in Pensacola. A precious Godly man. I thank God for you. Myles and Katherine for carrying on in such an excellent manner. Maranatha! Geneva York. from Alabama

  3. Bill Norris says:

    Miles & Katharine: A very special Thank you for your booklet: “An Epic Love Story”. I knew in my heart what you described concerning Jews & Gentiles was true, but comments and information available from the media missed the mark completely, because they were based on speculation only. I hope your work meets the mark you are aiming for. It has given me comfort and reassurance, and others, I’m certain, as well.

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