The Bride of Weiss!

Bride of WeissCould there be a more perfect pic of the spirit of Esther? More than anyone I have encountered on my journey, my wife embodies the love for Israel, the hope for the Christian world, and the reach to the lost. Here she is in front of the Knesset menorah whose carvings tell the  history of the Jewish people and our God.

As we look toward Passover and the revelation of Yeshua’s finished work as the Lamb of God, please pray for Israel and for all those who serve the future of the Kingdom of God.

We love you and thank God for our partnership!

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3 Responses to The Bride of Weiss!

  1. Sandy Fenster says:

    I love your work. My husband is Jewish and I am Christian and i feel Jewish at the same time. I pray this will help make us even closer and a way for him to accept Jesus as the Messiah. I would love to buy your passover package you mentioned the evening of April 8th. I would also like to know more about helping support your ministry.

    Sandy Fenster

  2. Mike Pasko says:

    On Sunday July 26, 2015 I happen to catch your program and you were explaining Communion and “Our Lord as the Bridegroom” of the soul”. Is there any where I could re-hear that or see it. I have often wondered what that really meant and your explanation seem to fill that good.

  3. Carol Taylor says:

    Got to love a man who loves his wife!
    Thank you, Myles, for your unabashed posts – so nice to read.

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