Greetings from the “Hill of Evil Council”

Greetings from the “Hill of Evil Council,” so named during the Byzantine era as the traditional site of Caiphas’ conspiracy to execute Yeshua. In an irony only HaShem could allow, it has been the Jerusalem home of the United Nations since 1948. As you know, the UN ( known as “united nothing” on the street here in Israel) has been the source of virulent and false accusations against Israel.

We are shooting a new series, and this particular episode will contrast man’s rebellious attempts at government with God’s righteous rule, which  find complete fulfillment only King Messiah comes!

— Myles

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2 Responses to Greetings from the “Hill of Evil Council”

  1. Alice D. Merkel says:

    As you put it, So “ironical”, TRUTH!!!

  2. Jim J. Dukes says:

    I believe that HaShem has a sense of humor that he demonstrates for those attuned to listening to Him. Thanks for pointing this out about the United Nothing’s location. It is obvious that the UN & it’s anti-Semitic members are daily conspiring to destroy Yesua’s Chosen People & devour the Promised Land. Shalom from San Antonio, Tx.

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