I am reporting from Jerusalem: As the country here celebrates the deliverance of Israel from Haman, the Persian adversary who tried to destroy us, the Jewish people, so He is raising Esthers today to “stand in the gap” for Israel. It is incumbent upon all Believers, Jew and gentile, to stand today for the household of faith, including the suffering Church around the world. The horrors of jihad must be confronted: through prayer, fasting, and right action.

In this picture, my own “Esther” stands next to the incredible sculpture that is located across the street from the Knesset (Israeli parliament). Many Israelis are also celebrating the hero’s welcome received by Prime Minister Netanyahu as he brought the “Mordecai message” to the world from Capitol Hill — “Never again!”

— Myles

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  1. Alice D. Merkel says:

    YES & AMEN!!!

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