Israeli Election: Special Report

God is so very good!

We have been working on an election report for Zola Levitt Presents, including “man on the street” interviews that cover varied opinions about Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the future of Israel.

Today is Shabbat, and we were scheduled to complete the interviews. However, many of the “right/center” supporters of Bibi were in synagogue or unwilling to speak to us with our electronic equipment due to their religious observance. So we recorded many insightful “left wing” opinions and engaged in meaningful dialogue with intergenerational folks.

As we were wrapping up and our microphone was losing power, God sent our friend Tom Hess (of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations) to be our final interview! Tom did a wonderful job of interpreting and connecting the spiritual meaning of recent political events and ended our interviews on a very positive note: God will continue to have His way here in Israel and over the whole Earth. We need to be reaching for His best in America … including resistance to worldwide jihad!

— Myles

Note:  This episode is currently scheduled to air April 26, 2015.


Tom Hess (of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations)
Tom Hess (of the Jerusalem House of Prayer for All Nations)

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  1. Sharon says:

    Very happy to see prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu won the election. There are many in the U.S. that stand with Israel. And we wish that our government would continue to stand with Israel. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem.

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