May 2020 — Our Jewish Roots Production Update

Presenting the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith is this ministry’s driving force and has been since 1979. In addition to that, we emphasize Israel and Bible prophecy, particularly how Israel figures in Bible prophecy.

News reports continue to focus on the COVID-19 pandemic, not only for Americans but for people worldwide. These reports dwell on our circumstances and tend to breed a sense of fear and helplessness.

How appropriate, then, that ZLM is currently producing a new television series, “Revelation: Unveiling the Visions,” that reminds viewers that God is still in control and that pandemics don’t surprise Him. All the prophecies revealed to John on the island of Patmos either came true or are about to sooner than many suppose.

How fast should societies return to the way we lived before COVID-19 hit? Politicians and medical experts argue this dilemma and scapegoat each other.

Our television production crew was fortunate (PTL) in being able to film all of Dr. Jeffrey Seif’s Revelation teachings a week before sheltering in place began. We wondered if the situation would improve enough for us to film the studio segments in an actual studio and not remotely via cell phones. We optimistically set a date for late May, and God looks to be making it work!

Aside from social distancing and wearing face masks, we’re taking other precautionary measures. In pre-COVID days, we would fill a table with water bottles, nuts, sweet and salty snacks, and the like. In the business, this is called “craft services,” a term that originated in the motion picture industry. Crew members who provide “crafts” such as costumes, makeup, lighting, camera, etc. customarily receive snacks (“services”) provided by an outside company. Just so you know, a caterer provides a full, usually hot, meal, whereas “craft services” are just munchies set out for the crew.

Since Our Jewish Roots, involves the fewest number of workers possible, our “craft services” table is small. I should say was small, because having one small table where everyone walks by and grabs some nuts out of a dish, or some peanut butter pretzels (Dr. Seif’s favorite!) from a plastic jug would not be safe now! So we decided to take a cue from the airlines and provide each person with their own “goody bag” of snacks.

Even though the coronavirus is still among us and may resurge with a vengeance, we production crew are not deterred from bringing you the Bible’s Good News. The visions that God showed John on Patmos in the first century demonstrate that God has a masterplan and that ultimate victory awaits those of us who are His.

All of us a Berg Productions hope that you are counted as one of His, and we encourage you to continue watching our program and all the other social media we post on the Internet (Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter). Also, please make sure that those close to you hear the Good News of Messiah. They need to exchange their fears for faith in the One who has created everything!

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3 Responses to May 2020 — Our Jewish Roots Production Update

  1. Sheila Cole says:

    I can not find you on any station in Dallas/Ft Worth. Can you tell me why?

  2. Sue Blake says:

    Jeff seif……you are awesome!!!! I like the comments you made about the KINGS AND HOW IT RELATES TODAY. Your teachings have blessed me and I can see how every thing leads up to today. Your comments are what I have felt….America is about to fall, unless the Lord brings in the Godly.
    Come quickly Lord Yeshua.

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