April 2020 — Our Jewish Roots Production Update

By Clayton Herring, producer at Berg Productions

For Our Jewish Roots, our TV production team constantly seeks to present God’s Word in ways that are meaningful and relevant. In this spirit and during this presidential election year, we’ve produced a series that compares the success or failure of ancient kings of Israel and Judah, uncovering lessons in Godly leadership and principles that still apply to the leaders we choose today. This eight-part series, Kings and Kingdoms, debuted the first week in May and continues through June. (You can watch missed episodes on levitt.tv — for free.)

At the beginning of the year, we had no idea that the biggest story of 2020 would be a global pandemic causing the death of thousands and resulting in billions of people around the world sheltering in place. When the shelter order came in our area, the ministry office closed to the public and workers began working from home.

The production office also sent home those who could work remotely. Those who could not developed safety protocols and rotations to prevent infection. (So far, so good, thank the Lord!) Fortunately, we continued operating under the media exemption. Otherwise, all our weekly programs, news updates, YouTube, and other social media postings — everything — would have come to a complete stop in less than fourteen days.

The week before the shelter-in-place order was issued, we had recorded Dr. Seif’s teaching segments for a new prophecy series Revelation: Unveiling the Visions. But we hadn’t yet filmed the segments featuring David, Kirsten, and Jeff together in the studio. How can this be accomplished if the studios are not reopened in time? Or if the ten-person gathering limit is still in effect? We know that Revelation’s July debut could be in jeopardy if we are unable to get everything filmed by Memorial Day.

Clearly, it is time to think “outside the box” and consider alternatives. Perhaps your local TV station also practices social distancing — with only one person in the studio while others participate from home. We have seen this technique followed in several TV specials: One person occupies the screen at a time, each from a different location, and most of them from their own homes.

Following this pattern, our “studio” segments could be recorded remotely. We are making preparations to do just that so we can continue providing relevant, timely programming. As our slogan says: “Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy, and the Jewish Roots of the Christian faith.”

Time will tell what long-term effects linger after COVID-19; some changes have already occurred. We know that God is in complete control and definitely on the move. So, please keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we seek to continue to serve Him in these uncertain times.

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  1. Rob & Karen Hampton says:

    My wife and I greatly enjoyed “In the Footsteps of the Rabbi from Tarsus.” Jeffery Seif truly is a gifted teacher. He not only has a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures and customs of the times, he speaks with genuine passion, conveying the relevance of the Word of God.

    Just a thought, For all who read God’s Word during a presentation, please take care to read Scripture with the same emphasis and passion as when speaking. There is sometimes a tendency among pastors to speed up when reading the Word of God. It is almost as if they are apologizing for imposing the Word on listeners, deeming it secondary to the delivery. Please, maintain a steady presentation throughout the Scriptures when read. We look forward to hearing many more of Jeffrey Seif’s inspiring presentations in the future.

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