March 2020 — Our Jewish Roots Production Update

Like many of you, we had no idea a virus would cause such disruption and turmoil on a global scale. Ever since last fall, we had been planning a March trip to Israel to produce another television series. We were busy with content discussions, coordinating with our Israeli producer, deciding on locations, scheduling interviews, meetings with Dr. Seif and more. The series we wanted to do would include dramatic reenactments by Israeli actors. We held screen tests to find the best actors for the project when we were in Israel last fall. We made our selections, sent them their scripts and they have been memorizing their lines and growing their beards in anticipation of our arrival.

However… with only a couple of days till our flight was scheduled to depart, the Israeli government imposed a mandatory 14 day quarantine for all people coming into the country. That firmly closed the door on any production in Israel for the near future, but (LORD willing) we are making plans to return to Israel this fall and begin production on the series on the Apostle Peter. But what to do in the meantime? We prayed about it (always a good idea) and remembered we have been talking about doing a series on prophecy for a while now. With the scary situation brought about by Covid-19, we thought now the time was right to create a series that looks toward the future. Here is a photo of the set we put together in one of our office rooms:

In “Revelation: Unveiling the Visions, Dr. Seif goes through each chapter of the last book in the Bible, searching for the main themes and lessons that would apply to the original readers (approximately 95 A.D.) and for us as well. The book of Revelation is chock full of tribulation, darkness and judgment but the Lamb of GOD begins and ends the book. We need to see our current circumstances in light of GOD’s will and HIS word. So, we are busy working on this series and hoping to debut it in July, right after our series on godly leaders and leadership “Kings and Kingdoms.”

As you can tell, the turnaround time for a new production is long. It has been made even longer with the requirement for Closed Captioning (a good thing but it takes time) and most of our networks and stations want to have our program in their hands at least two weeks prior to it’s airing. So, we are just not able to deal with time sensitive issues on our weekly television program. That is why we encourage you to join us on our social media outlets: Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter for extra content and timely topics.

We continue doing our best and working unto the LORD. This contagion merely motivates us more as we realize the prophetic clock is still ticking and moving closer to the end times. May we all not grow weary in well doing as we (the bridesmaid) prepares for our groom. Come quickly LORD JESUS.

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4 Responses to March 2020 — Our Jewish Roots Production Update

  1. In the Revelation series will Jeff address the Rapture by name? I rarely ever hear him mention the Rapture as Zola has always done in the past. Just wondering as a viewer!

  2. Diane Lee says:

    I have not been keeping up with your programs the way I should have. I am trying to catch up on a couple of series I’ve missed. Then Covid-19 happened. I am glad you are managing to still create more content while waiting to put out the previously planned projects ! I am blessed by all of your content !
    I was also interested in reading about the Israeli actors you’re presenting on these reenactments. Is there a place to specifically find out about them ? They are wonderful in the roles they take on, and it’s such a blessing !
    And Dr Seif is such a big blessing and teacher ! He smiles more and it’s comforting, it really is. Thank you, Dr Seif for sharing your knowledge & teachings with us ! We love you !
    I will continue to pray for your ministry, and give my financial support. I wish it could be more !
    Your sister in Christ,
    Diane Lee

  3. Joseph Reynolds says:

    Greetings: I have an interesting thought based on several prophetic text:
    one in Amos 9:11-12 and one in Isaiah 16:1-5 (especially verse 5) about the Tabernacle of David being raised up in the last days. With 1 Chronicles 16:1-43 in mind about the Tabernacle of David in mind, “Can we expect the Tabernacle of David to be present in the wilderness in the Territory of Edom (flowing out from Petra) to be present among th woman (Israel) who flees to the desert (Revelation 12:6) for protection? May I add to the above question “Will the original Ark of the Covenant be present in the Tabernacle?)

    I have come across an article I found on the internet by none other than Dr. Thomas McCall on the whereabouts of the Ark called “Where is the Ark of the Covenant?” . I also have considered 2 Chronicles 35:3 during the time of King Josiah which is apparently the last mention of the ark before the Babylonian captivity (and apparently not mentioned again in historic accounts).

  4. Joseph Reynolds says:

    Greetings again:
    One final note here is the link to the article by Dr. McCall regarding the whereabouts of the ark.

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