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How lovely to learn that viewers and ministry supporters remember me and want to know how I am doing.

One of the best teachings I have ever heard came from Jeff Seif while we were on tour with our pilgrims on the Sea of Galilee. Most teachers, when they’re on the Sea, talk about how troubles come up from nowhere, swirl around us, and then leave. But, Jeff’s take was that when trouble comes, we forget to breathe! We are so anxious, so worried, and so consumed by our troubles that we take short breaths, and this practice is not healthy. When we can’t think of anything but our troubles, we do not see life around us. In short, we forget to live. We forget to love. We think all is lost, so what is the use?

Jeff’s final words were: “Breathe again; take a deep breath or two, and really breathe. Live again. Remember the good that is in our lives everyday: the simple things, such as a sunrise. And lastly, love again. Take another chance.”

I wrote these words in my Bible and held them dear to my heart. I read them over and over. After Zola died, I had thought that I would never breathe, or live, or love again.

I don’t know if anyone knows this, but we were filming Zola’s tribute only six days after he died. I had rarely been on TV before, and I was grieving. But, Ken Berg (Zola’s producer) said, “We have plenty of tape and plenty of time.” His kindness was a real comfort.

God handed me a significant role in Zola Levitt Ministries so that I could breathe again. Jeff and I were a good team leading tours to the Holy Land. Israel was and will always be my heart. I could breathe when I was there. I lived because of the plans God gave me. I started small and really looked at what was around me, at the simple things that showed how I was blessed each and every day. I got to share the teachings I had learned from Zola, and that helped me heal, knowing that I was helping others understand the Jewishness of the Bible.

And finally, God sent me love again. I remarried and now live in Northern California. My husband, Dan, is a wonderful man. I am blessed to love and be loved again.



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