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How lovely to learn that viewers and ministry supporters remember me and want to know how I am doing.

One of the best teachings I have ever heard came from Jeff Seif while we were on tour with our pilgrims on the Sea of Galilee. Most teachers, when they’re on the Sea, talk about how troubles come up from nowhere, swirl around us, and then leave. But, Jeff’s take was that when trouble comes, we forget to breathe! We are so anxious, so worried, and so consumed by our troubles that we take short breaths, and this practice is not healthy. When we can’t think of anything but our troubles, we do not see life around us. In short, we forget to live. We forget to love. We think all is lost, so what is the use?

Jeff’s final words were: “Breathe again; take a deep breath or two, and really breathe. Live again. Remember the good that is in our lives everyday: the simple things, such as a sunrise. And lastly, love again. Take another chance.”

I wrote these words in my Bible and held them dear to my heart. I read them over and over. After Zola died, I had thought that I would never breathe, or live, or love again.

I don’t know if anyone knows this, but we were filming Zola’s tribute only six days after he died. I had rarely been on TV before, and I was grieving. But, Ken Berg (Zola’s producer) said, “We have plenty of tape and plenty of time.” His kindness was a real comfort.

God handed me a significant role in Zola Levitt Ministries so that I could breathe again. Jeff and I were a good team leading tours to the Holy Land. Israel was and will always be my heart. I could breathe when I was there. I lived because of the plans God gave me. I started small and really looked at what was around me, at the simple things that showed how I was blessed each and every day. I got to share the teachings I had learned from Zola, and that helped me heal, knowing that I was helping others understand the Jewishness of the Bible.

And finally, God sent me love again. I remarried and now live in Northern California. My husband, Dan, is a wonderful man. I am blessed to love and be loved again.



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    How nice to hear from Sandra again. I always appreciated her.
    I miss all the people who have gone, but trust the present staff will still share God’s word and love. Of course, no one can compose the beautiful music Zola did, but we all have different talents to share. I have most of Zola’s music tapes and still enjoy his music.

  2. Janet Kerns says:

    I am so happy for Sandra, she is a wonderful person who shared her life and her love for Jesus Christ our Lord.

    My mother is the person who told me about Zola and I am so thankful for him and the years that he shared is ministry with his fellow Jews and to anyone who would listen.Praise the Lord Jesus and Father God Almighty!

    Sandra I am blessed to have gotten to know you and your husband, Zola. What God can do with willing hearts!

    Thank you for all you love and sharing with the world, what a Messianic Jewish people are like. I have been blessed through Zola and you, Sandra, Christ shone through you both, Praise God. That you should find love again makes me feel so happy for you and I hope you will continue to be blessed and spread the Glory of Jesus, wherever you are. You have not hidden your Light under a bushel. Thank you so very much, my sister in Christ, I will get to me you and your husband and Zola and all of my Jewish friends.

  3. Harold Evans says:

    Dear Ms. Sandra, Shalom.
    I’m so glad for you that you found a new husband.
    I’m sending you this note in the event you do not know that I lost my wife two years ago.
    Now I truly understand what you went through. I have never been so lonely in my life.
    I dearly loved you and Mr. Zola.
    I wish you the best. If you run into an attractive lady who would like to hang out with an old man, let me know.

    Shalom. Harold Evans

    • ZLM Editor says:

      Dear Harold,

      It was good to hear from you. I have such fond memories of you on Zola’s tour with your daughter and granddaughter. Pilgrims like you are the reason the ministry’s tours offer such wonderful fellowship. Your love for Israel and God are apparent, and you kindly share that love with anyone who will listen.

      I was sorry to hear about your wife. Yes, I know all too well how it is to lose a spouse. Zola was, and still is, such a light for me. I loved his teaching and ministry.

      With that said … God had other plans for me. You know the old saying: “Man plans, God laughs.” I had every intention of moving to Israel and continuing the ministry that Zola started. Ha! But God’s plans are marvelous. He is using me and my new husband in my new state, and I know that He will use you as well wherever your heart leads.

      I will keep a look out for a lady who loves God and Israel. I will also be praying for you.

      Many blessings,

      • Stephen Fear says:

        This is Stephen Fear. I would like someone to contact Sandra and tell her of my wife’s (Terry’s) passing. I can be contacted at [edited]. Thank you.

        • ZLM Editor says:

          Dear Stephen,
          Please accept our sympathies on Terry’s passing. I have forwarded your information to Sandra, who will be contacting you shortly. She spoke fondly of you and your wife and of your trip to Israel together. Thank you for letting us and her know.

  4. Payson G Kirchhoff Jr says:

    Hello Ma Zola. Took some time to find you to say hello.
    Hello. It was some time ago but like yesterday.
    My best to you and yours.

  5. Bob says:

    It was great seeing Zola, my #1 mentor again after all these years even on/by video. I got chills/watery eyes (Holy Spirit?) during one video. There’ll never be another like him. Zola introduced/sold me on the Schoefield Study Bible along with my Jewish Roots, Christianity’s foundation!

    Any and everything on planet earth is only as good as it’s foundation and we all know or should know who that is (“…. search the scriptures, in them you think you have eternal life, but it is they that testify of me…..” Amen? AMEN!) God bless you this ministry etc ……

    kol tov etc …..


  6. Harold Evans says:

    Dear Ms. Sandra ,
    Hope you are well and blessed. Just wanted tell you I just got my certificate for completion of a Biblical Hebrew course.
    Love ya, shalom.

  7. Paul and Diane Tinkle says:

    Sarah…Diane and I are watching re-runs of Zola presents…
    We wish you blessings of happiness !

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