Our Journey Winds Down

By Myles and Katharine Weiss  Holocaust Memorial - wings

Kol b’seder (all good)

Kol d’vash (all honey!)

Greetings from Jerusalem, where the Earth can be heard groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God (Romans 8:19) and, most importantly, the Mashiach! HE is the captain of the hosts of The Lord!

We are exhausted from a month of leading, teaching, writing, interceding, and TV production in the pressure cooker of Israel. Of course, there is no other place we want to be or other assignment we would request.

If you have prayed for us, our deepest thanks and heartfelt understanding. Only time will tell how often we were carried on the wings of your prayers. Perhaps also how many times we were protected from harm and covered by your involvement.

For now, we are resting. We actually finished our TV shoot as the first rain drops fell—God’s perfect timing—and today (Shabbat) dawned with glorious blue skies and the sun beaming through majestic white clouds. HE is the Master Artist; His creation sings His praises.

We are in awe of how God is orchestrating lives in these days. Our continual prayer is that the international faith community will land on God’s side and stand with God’s plan for Israel and the emerging shared destiny of Jews and Christians. You know us, and you know we also reach for the deliverance of our Muslim friends from any “occupation of the soul” that inhibits their recognition of God’s sovereignty.

I mean Yahweh, THE God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; not Allah, a desert moon god who opposes the Creator and His scriptural, prophetic plan for Earth and its people. Yahweh/HaShem/Adonai is not willing that any perish, but that all come to eternal life.

We have a couple of days left to tie up some loose ends, and we plan to visit Tel Aviv’s Diaspora Museum. It is there, I am told, that we may find info on my relatives who live here or were lost in the Holocaust. Please pray for this poignant and potentially difficult process.

We love you all and are so very blessed to co-labor with you!
Myles and Katharine
Moti v’ Kala

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5 Responses to Our Journey Winds Down

  1. kandie says:

    I just wanted you very truly God gifted people to no thank you for everything u do . I’m disabled I walk very much as a child , when I asked our Father 2 show me his land he showed me zola levitt ….that was over 20 yes ago ..every time I watch on u tube I feel it feed my heart every time ….The journey to restoration was beautiful there’s no words I can tell u how I described watching everyone of them so far I loved watching I am a firm believer in Yeshua. ..He is my King of Kings. …amen in all this I just wanted to say this thank u I’d never b able to walk in one of your awesome journey in Israel but my eyes have seen ….thanks to you all at zola levitt. I tell everyone about you all ……blessings to each and ev1 and Thank you. …Kandie

    • ZLM Editor says:

      Thank you, Kandie, for your kind words. They encourage us to continue Zola’s commitment to bring Israel to people who cannot travel there in this lifetime. We love you for loving Yeshua and His chosen land, Israel. And we treasure your comments and prayers. Blessings to you and yours.

  2. Gary says:

    Greetings and Shalom to you: Just happened to come for the PDF on this site when I came across this. Happens to be on my birthday. Went with ZLM in June 2010 to Israel as I felt the Lord’s leading to do so. Also earlier this AM came across David Brickner’s comments about future Christians who come to Israel. I already know about Barry’s** arrest and what that can mean. My hope is that it does NOT impair ZLM in any way shape or form. I knew the tours went on even in ’90 and ’91 with Saddams scuds and such {as I was told}. I know you blessed people will soldier on as you always have! GOD bless you as you continue in what you are doing. Your friend, Gary {PS Tell Mark, Tracie, et al hello for me}

    Editor’s note: Barry Barnett, a Jews for Jesus missionary from London, was arrested in Israel last November and deported. His trial is March 25 (2014). You can click here to hear JFJ executive director David Brickner’s account and plea for prayers.

  3. Dora Gourley says:

    How wonderful to reconnect with you. Since you left INSP I was like a rudderless ship. Searched everywhere for you, and finally in the last Levitt Letter, I had a new place to go. Have you set on my recorder so I will never miss another program. Thank you so much. I am a happy Christian Camper!

  4. Tapatha S. Kendrick says:

    Thank you my dear brother & sister for sharing life and walking in your purpose.
    I look forward to meeting both of you and learning about may family culture,heritage and customs. My mothers grandmother was Jewish and God has been drawing me to know and understand who I am in detail. My soul mind and body are hungry for knowledge and ready to make changes and realign with my true roots. God has sent me to be taught by the two of you. Ive joined the fathers house in Napa I will meet you in the fathers house.
    I love & appreciate both of you .
    Min. Tapatha S. Kendrick
    (personal information withheld)

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