With Tommy Waller, modern sign and wonder

By Myles Weiss

In Samaria -- the heartland of Israel

Myles and Tommy Waller in Samaria — the heartland of Israel

Tommy brings his 11 children and 4 grandchildren to plant and harvest grapes alongside Modern Orthodox Jews. Both Jews and Christians recognize the prophetic sign from Joel 2, Amos 9, Ezekiel 36, and Isaiah 49 as the gentiles shoulder the burden of the Jewish return to the Promised Land!

Hundreds come to help each year.

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2 Responses to With Tommy Waller, modern sign and wonder

  1. Donald K Lord says:

    Tommy Waller is teaching his children well. Shalom.

  2. Robert says:

    26 Feb.,2014

    One of these days when that trumpet sounds and my lord and Savior Jesus Christ steps out into the spaces of Heaven and says Come Up Here I ‘ll have a new body and then I’ll be able to help with planting the grape vines in the vineyard.

    Praise The Holy Name Of Jesus Christ!
    MN1 Robert Briggs U.S. Navy Retired N Tennessee

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