The Biblical Roots of Today’s Middle East Conflicts

By Katharine Weiss


What are the biblical roots of the Middle East conflicts today?

Jealousy and insecurity, which lead to rage, make up the ancient root.

Ishmael’s insecurity came from focusing on who he wasn’t instead of on who God made him to be. Scripture declares, “God was with him.” Yet in his mind, Ishmael obsessed over not being Isaac, the Son of Promise.

When we, as Believers, focus on who we are not, we fall into the same snare. We do that by comparison and reviewing, rehearsing, and repeating who we are not, instead of looking at what God has made us to be and do.

There is a covenant with Isaac, true; but Ishmael is also supernaturally blessed. God promised Ishmael twelve rulers and untold wealth. He gave Ishmael land and substance. The oil that today runs under Ishmael’s land is a provision for his sons.

Still, he wanted what Isaac has — teaching us that we must guard ourselves from jealousy and insecurity so that we do not lose our destiny.

When the root of insecurity is not dealt with, hostility follows. Generations of Ishmael’s sons have demonstrated this principle. In Genesis 16:12, God’s Word prophesies over Ishmael:

“He will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man…”

His issues would expand to affect all his descendants. This would include turning from the God of Abraham his father, to the desert moon god that has spawned jihad (and other non-biblical practices) for centuries.

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