You are the Shofar of God!

By Myles Weiss

As the seasons pass from Rosh HaShanah to Yom Kippur, let’s not lose the symbolic importance of the “day of blowing” —the Feast of Trumpets. Beyond the heavenly sound of the physical ram’s horn, there is also the picture of who we are to be as His representatives in the Earth. In our generation, we are to sound the alarm, the Good News, and the call to war as watchmen on the wall.

 Notice these characteristics of the making of a shofar, and compare them to God’s dealings in your life:

The shofar and [the human life parallel]

  • Is collected at the slaughterhouse – [we must die to self]
  • Boiled for 5 hours to break down the cartilage – [our outer man must yield to the Spirit of God]
  • Heated in sand to 300–500 degrees – [how often fiery trials come to refine us]
  • Removed from sand and bent until the fibers stretch – [circumstances come so endurance and patience are tested]
  • After shaping, a hole is drilled for the mouthpiece – [as we mature, we realize that the power of life and death is in the tongue
  • Placed in cold water to harden – [the water of the Word keeps us separated to God; there is no substitute for the Scriptures as a shaping instrument]

When we allow God to have His way, we are the voice of God lifted up and released into His purposes. It is time find your destiny … and walk in the specific calling He has for you.

You are a shofar in His hands in this generation!

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  1. Meryle J Looney says:

    Never read how this instrument is made! Thank you

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