Waiting for Martin

Where’s the Muslim Martin?

Where is the voice of reform that will transform this religion of over one billion people?

Martin Luther

Martin Luther

We need a voice similar to Martin Luther, who challenged the forces of corrupt Christianity. In his day, he dared to call for the end of selling indulgences, that vile practice that enslaved poor families who purchased their hopes of eternity with their meager finances. The church of Luther’s era sold empty promises. Luther demanded change. He spoke out for a more spiritual future for those who followed Christ. He called on leaders to admit their failures and change their ways. Regarding the Jewish people, he “flew well, but landed poorly.” When the Jews did not convert following his revelations, Luther became an anti-Semite. However, his contribution to the family of faith must be acknowledged. He led the way for each of us to have a direct relationship with Messiah and not remain dependent on a priestly class.

Where is the voice in Islam today to withstand the stranglehold that the mullahs and imams have on the hearts and minds of everyday Muslims?

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

We need a voice like Martin Luther King Jr., who challenged the forces of segregation and spoke up for the civil rights of black people in America. He used non-violent protest to draw attention to shameful bigotry. His voice changed our country.

Where is the so-called moderate Muslim majority? Why do we not hear from them daily, standing against the radical Koran-carrying leaders who foment war around the world? Apparently they are as afraid as Western leaders, unwilling to make a public declaration of the issues—as Dr. King did in America.

Where is a voice like Dr. King’s in today’s Islam?

Martin Short

Comedian Martin Short

Perhaps we need a voice like Martin Short. Yes, Islam needs to lighten up and laugh! This Martin’s self-deprecating, comedic styling may be instructional for the Muslim world. Islam has a desperate need for a sense of humor. It is a tragic fact that the world is accepting Islam’s declaration that any expression of humor regarding Islam is “hate-speech”! The ability to laugh at oneself is seemingly absent from the mentality of mainstream Islam. If it is present, we need to hear it.

We are waiting for the “religion of peace” to demonstrate a self-correcting movement toward moderation. We are waiting for the masses of Islam to demand corrections to jihadist theology. We are waiting for the civil rights enjoyed by Muslims in America and Israel to be granted by Muslims to women, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, etc. in Muslim lands.

We are waiting for a kind, humanity-enhancing humor that reaches across differences and celebrates the universal human condition by “lightening up” and laughing a little.

Where is the Muslim voice of humor, life, laughter, and love?

We are waiting … for Martin.

Myles Weiss

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