Does Media Bias Exist Today?

These days, it’s important to stay informed of current events both here and around the world. However, with the often slanted reporting by our nation’s left-leaning media, how can you trust that what is being reported is actually the truth? Furthermore, many stories that should be told never make it on air or in print since only a handful of national reporters and editors determine what will be shown. So what’s the solution?

One answer is to read our monthly news magazine, the Levitt Letter. The Levitt Letter is a FREE monthly news magazine that provides updates and commentary on current events in Israel and the Middle East. Pro-Israel, Christian scholars evaluate the news and offer correlations to biblical prophecies.

The newsletter is available by mail by calling 1-800-WONDERS (1-800-966-3377) or by signing up for it at Electronic copies of past issues are also archived on the site.


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