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Myles from Mars Hill in Greece

By Myles and Katharine Weiss [jwplayer mediaid=”666″] Thirty-six pilgrims joined Katharine and Myles for the first leg of the 30th Anniversary Tour.  As we began walking in the footsteps of the Apostle Paul in Athens, Myles delivered a solid reminder of Rabbi … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 5773!

or “Wake Up and Smell the Caliphate …” By Myles Weiss The NY Times this week printed a perfect picture of the confusion that prevails in Western thinking, especially in the media minds, regarding Islam. The Op-Ed page trumpeted a … Continue reading

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Why do the Jews claim Israel as their Land?

Have you ever wondered why the Jews claim the Land of Israel as their own? There are actually several reasons. The Jews are entitled to the land of Israel through: (1) Divine right; (2) Prior possession; (3) The Balfour Declaration; … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Three Days and Three Nights Prediction Explained (Matthew 12:40)

Have you ever been reading the Bible and encountered what seemingly was a contradiction? For instance have you ever wondered about Jesus’ prediction in Matthew 12:40? Since the Lord was crucified on Friday and rose again on Sunday, how can … Continue reading

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Does Media Bias Exist Today?

These days, it’s important to stay informed of current events both here and around the world. However, with the often slanted reporting by our nation’s left-leaning media, how can you trust that what is being reported is actually the truth? … Continue reading

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Why is Spiritual Growth Important for a Christian?

Do you yearn to walk closer with God? Maybe you are at a place in life where God seems distant. To help believers maximize their time spent on spiritual growth, Zola Levitt Ministries has created The site serves as … Continue reading

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Zola Levitt Presents: 8-week TV series on the Book of Ruth (Preview)

Zola Levitt Ministries is very excited about the new television series: “Ruth: Your People Shall Be My People”. It was shot on location in Israel and features verse by verse teachings from Myles and Katharine Weiss, the new hosts of … Continue reading

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About Zola Levitt Ministries

Founded in 1979, Zola Levitt Ministries is a Messianic, Christ-based organization that continues to be a top source for trusted, high-quality Bible teaching with an emphasis on Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity. The ministry produces the weekly … Continue reading

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