What Can a Believer Do on Behalf of Israel?

As I travel, I am repeatedly asked, “What can a believer do to help Israel?” In light of the current drama on the world stage, here’s a good “To-Do List” for the Christian on behalf of Israel:

KEEP PRAYING. We need to adjust our prayers to fit the “times and seasons” we are in (Eccl 3:1, 1 Thes 5:1).  We need to emulate the sons of Issachar (1 Chronicles 12:32). We are in a “tipping point” season as a nation, so we must stand as watchmen on the wall more than ever (Is. 62:6). Humbly, but fervently, awaken your fellow Believers to the roots of the faith and our debt to Israel.

USE OUR VOTES and implore our legislators to stand with Israel: Senators—http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm Representatives—http://www.congress.org/congressorg/dbq/officials/ Let them know you WILL vote based on their stance for or against Israel, our only democratic ally in the Middle East.

SUPPORT LEGITIMATE MINISTRIES like Zola Levitt Ministries that are sounding the Shofar in the Spirit—the alarm to war in the heavens (2 Corinthians 10:3–5).

PREPARE FOR THE WORST but BELIEVE for the BEST—that God will continue to bring in a bountiful harvest of Souls in ever-increasing numbers as we look to His coming (Matthew 9:38, 13:39, Revelation 14:15).

STAND WITH THOSE ON “THE FINISH LINE” as Pastor Peter Tsukahira of Carmel Assembly in Haifa calls the Israeli ministries—support them in prayer and finance (Romans 15:27).

PRAY IN the great Muslim harvest that God desires—many of these poor deceived people are sick of Islam, but they need a dynamic encounter with the living God. Hormoz Shariat, the “Billy Graham of Iran,” is overseeing the transformation of entire families and their neighbors as they tune in to his Gospel show broadcast into Tehran from California.

Hormoz Shariat

The Persian people want relief from the oppression of Islam.  I composed a song for them, The Bride Behind the Veil (http://bit.ly/ZtSiz), circulated in the underground Church by DVD. They laughed aloud when they heard that a Jew named Mordecai wrote a song for the “Esthers” of Iran. Remember the words of our Orthodox Jewish friend Avi Lipkin in Israel exhorting Christians regarding the Muslims: “Either you bring them the Lord or they’ll bring you the sword!”

PRAY FOR ISRAEL’S LEADERS: That the spirit of wisdom and revelation would guide them in the days ahead… that the political and military leaders would act as one in submission to the mandates of Scripture.

EXPOSE THE UNHOLY ALLIANCE between humanistic atheists and Islamic ideologues—this bewildering brew is like the alliance between Pilate and the Pharisees: the secular and the religious in league, temporarily. Pray for awakening before it is too late.

Your messenger,

Myles Weiss, Zola Levitt Ministries

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3 Responses to What Can a Believer Do on Behalf of Israel?

  1. Cynthia Stevenson says:

    I want to let you know that I love your videos and try to share them with friends. in the UK and beyond. I am a soldier in the Salvation Army and attend a very biblical small corps here in Clitheroe in Lancashire. In our prayer meeting I always pray for Israel. I particularly like your videos about Ruth and the strong message that comes with them. Please pray for my son Phillip who has been remanded in prison over a relationship he had with a young girl. She looked much older but he has been accused of rape which is not true. He has returned to the Lord because of it. I will pray for the success of your ministry. I would love to go on a tour with you but cannot do so because I am in the UK. I have 2 granddaughters in St George, Utah The family were Mormons but have now turned to Christ. Praise Him for this great miracle. I would like to know how I can receive your products here in England. Cynthia

    • linda eyster says:

      1John 5:10-11 this is our test-a-mony, for we are filled with the spirit of God!! Our Jewish roots were not taught to most of us as children, we now have the knowledge , indwelling and confidence of Jeshua Hamaciah! Speak first to your children then to your grandchildren, children talk especially the little ones, wildfire for Hamaciah!!! Who is Israel? Who is Jerusalem? Israel is my homeland filled with my brothers and sisters, Deuteronomy 6:4-6 -7 “you shall teach them -children- all children! When you love your Father and family you cannot hold back for our love …talk, speak, shout for Israel our Family!!!! Jerusalem is my home i will be going for a thousand years and then with my Lord for eternity to the new Jerusalem, please don’t whisper SHOUT!!! Zola shouted our brother is waiting for us and He was not meek … your yea is yea, your nay is nay as He would say stand firm in the Lord our God and SHAHALU SHALOM YERUSHALYIM!!!!!!! Psalm 122:6 I live in a very small village in the Pacific Northwest, USA I was born here, not Jewish by blood but by the blood of Hamaciah, my Lord Jesus. I love the jewish nation they are my people and I belong to God my father and to them my family!! I love you all we who believe are the body we are one in Him I love you all in Christ I believe this is what we can do for ISRAEL walk in faith…… focus on our Lord don’t look away……… you will sink

  2. Patricia Lloyd says:

    Pray and share the truth as much as we can on social media and in our homes and churches that YESHUA is indeed the only true MESSIAH, the HOLY ONE of Israel and the only WAY to the ONE and only true CREATOR of all men everywhere and all things —i love Israel , I love you all and soon, abruptly, we will all be changed and rise to meet our holy MESSIAH in the air and go to our Wedding Feast!!! can’t wait to see HIM and see you there!!!

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