Greetings from Katharine in God’s “hometown”!

What a journey this has been. Although we have been to Israel many times, this tour has been outstanding.  Zola Tours attracts the nicest pilgrims! We had so many earnest questions and sincere Believers with us that it was a joy to minister among them.

Myles and Katharine at the Agoura (ancient marketplace) of Corinth

It was particularly special to be with Sandra on our first Zola Tour. We carry the same vision and passion for the “Jewishness” of the Gospel and the joy that comes from seeing people discover the Lord in his Hebraic expression. The Israelis loved Zola and these tours are known to be memorable.

The staff and the participants graciously received Myles and me. We felt a seamless transition from the past to the present. As we look to the future, we anticipate more exciting and enlightening trips to the God’s Holy Land, Israel.

We enjoyed introducing people to the joy and rest of Shabbat (Sabbath). We even arrived in Jerusalem on Shabbat, so we felt the peace of the Sabbath descending as we overlooked the city from Mt. Scopus. Sandra read a psalm of ascent and Myles greeted us in Hebrew and English. The boat ride on the Galilee was a highlight for many. Myles spoke about the authority of Jesus over every principality and power and then we worshipped the Lord as His palpable presence filled us to overflowing. It was awesome!

What a privilege it was for me to teach on the Mount of Beatitudes.  The Mount is very special to me because that is where Yeshua expounded the Torah in its Kingdom dimensions.

Katharine on Temple's southern steps in Jerusalem

Katharine on Temple's southern steps in Jerusalem

There is great beauty in the Galilee region, especially in the “Jesus triangle” (Capernaum-Chorazin-Bethsaida) where much of His ministry took place.  Matthew recounts that people came from very far to hear Him and experience His miracle power. Even today, we see the nations coming to Israel to honor the King and stand for His Word. The biblical sites were bustling with tourists from all over the world—it was encouraging to see.

The TV shows we worked on will greatly bless the ZLM community. We captured the turmoil in Greece for a prophetic show about the Bible and current events. We are also producing a series on the early Church and how the contemporary Body of Messiah is carrying out the early Church’s vision. The interviews Myles and I conducted will challenge and inform our viewing audience.

Even though it is good to come home, my heart is always set on going up to Jerusalem again.

Shalom, shalom to you all.


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5 Responses to Greetings from Katharine in God’s “hometown”!

  1. Mary Lorvick says:

    What a wonderful land!!!! We were there for the first time during Sukkot and seeing Katharine’s pic at the Archeological Park where we also stood brought back many fond memories. We are saying “next year in Jerusalem”as we plan to return! Thank you for sharing your time there with us!

  2. patricia says:

    I enjoyed your blog. I like to think of Israel and Jerusalem as His home town too. His old neighborhood, with special memories. Just like we have of our home town and places where we grew up. And because we love Him …………….we love what He loves. We love to learn about His people and so yeah………………It’s special. I have to go there and see it for myself one day soon.

    Thanks for sharing, Catherine. I enjoyed the pictures too.


  3. Melvin Vanderlinden says:

    I want to share that I so appreciate your tv broadcasts of 30 minutes which I so value ; which have been about Ruth and it is so nicely presented and also to enjoy the 1 or 2 songs each week by the 2 or 3 musicians—even though they are sung in Israeli—i guess—and I am so blessed by the sweet Christians!! I would love to go on a visit to Israel; However my health is too bad and I am a Widower,so the cost would be extra
    as i am soon to be 74/with a lot of physical problems. I can dream anyway. God Bless all of you in the Zola Levitt group. Take care………………Melvin VanderLinden 5/1/12

  4. Norell Sears says:

    Larry and I were so blessed to be part of that first Israel tour with you and Myles as part of ZLM, Katharine! God is indeed good to us, “beyond all we ask or think!” May He continue to bless you and your ministry!

    Norell Sears

  5. roger says:

    has the temple been finished for jesus return? love from a baptist’s shalom roger isaac

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