On My Knees

I have been asked to update you on the process, progress, and regress of my left knee. Knowing that many of our friends, supporters, and prayer partners suffer with more serious issues, I have delayed this note.

However, I need you to know that after attempts at conventional and alternative treatment modalities, I will have a complete knee replacement in July.

My surgeon is a sparky scalpel veteran with thirty-six years of experience. He is Armenian. Knowing what his Christian forbears suffered at the hands of the Muslim Turks, I figured he had a praying grandmother; his face was priceless when I greeted him with some newly acquired Armenian phrases!

Just as we say “Two Jews, three opinions,” I was also taught as a young boy that “Jews only have MAJOR surgery.” Of course, the sarcasm is pointed at our Jewish penchant for drama. Nonetheless, I have enjoyed great health, and this is a first in my new “senior advantage” years.

So, please keep us in prayer, as Katharine will be playing nurse during the up-to-eight-weeks of rehabilitation. She and I are praying for our various ministry placements, knowing that they will be covered by quality, seasoned people and not “miss a beat.”

We trust the Lord to make up the difference during this period of lost income, helping us emerge stronger than ever.

God bless all of you who understand us and the message we have been carrying for decades:

  • Yeshua at the center of it all
  • The importance of Israel and the Jewish people
  • The emerging the “one new man” of Ephesians 2
  • The danger of jihad

We love you and thank God for you,

Myles, Katharine, and the Weissguys (Jonathan and Stephen)

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