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Teaching on global jihad

On a rain-soaked and gloomy day, we ventured to Jericho to film “The Sword of Allah,” one of eight segments in our series on the End Times. Yasser Arafat demanded Jericho as his first concession from Israel, and then set … Continue reading

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With Elijah as our inspiration!

We are teaching from the Mukhraka (lit., burned place), the traditional site where God sent fire to accomplish Elijah’s defeat of the prophets of Baal. This is the legacy of faith: to turn the people of God back to the … Continue reading

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The famed Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa

The Bahá’í Faith: a prime example of the attempt to create a universal world religion that eclipses Yeshua as “Ha Derech, Ha Emet v’ Ha Chaim” (the Way, the Truth, the Life)! Seeming more benign than other “paths,” this 19th-century … Continue reading

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I am reporting from Jerusalem: As the country here celebrates the deliverance of Israel from Haman, the Persian adversary who tried to destroy us, the Jewish people, so He is raising Esthers today to “stand in the gap” for Israel. … Continue reading

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Greetings from the “Hill of Evil Council”

Greetings from the “Hill of Evil Council,” so named during the Byzantine era as the traditional site of Caiphas’ conspiracy to execute Yeshua. In an irony only HaShem could allow, it has been the Jerusalem home of the United Nations … Continue reading

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One face of Esther

  We are living in momentous times as God is raising Esther from among the nations to recognize her Hebrew roots and stand for His people and His purposes. God WILL deliver Israel.  Will you be a part of His-story? … Continue reading

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